Pacifica Tube Benders Group, Inc.

Pacifica Tube Benders Group, Inc. in 1998 purchased the remaining machines, prints, fixtures and tooling of The DYNAFLARE Corp.. If you remember, this was the tube endfinisher that was designed by the Convair Division of General Dynamics, in the early 70's, to meet some stringent NASA requirements. The niche of this machine was that material of the workpiece was trapped or coined in such a way that it did not leave an uneven buildup of wall thickness in a flare or swage, as with the more common rotary or cone type machines, with this type of design, it is what interlocking dies would be to tube bending.

Dynaflare was manufactured under license by another company outside of Convair/General Dynamics and was sold to many branches of the armed services as well as companies such as Rockwell, Lockheed and Boeing.

After many of the aerospace defense companies were supplied and the initial orders were met the licensee failed to pursue the commercial market. Pacifica had been interested in acquiring this design for many years and just recently had the opportunity. We have in turn passed the manufacturing on to an associate for electronic upgrades and cost reduction, but have retained the distribution rights. Machines acquired from the licensee will be sold as Dynaflare, new machines will be sold as DYNASWAGE. We are still piecing together some of the Dynaflare story and would appreciate being contacted by anyone involved in the initial design and requirements, or by anyone who can add to our knowledge. Machine models are:
  • B50
  • B150
  • B300
The size capabilities respectively, except that 50 goes up to 3/4 inch. Of course, the machine will flare, double flare, bead, and double bead, up and down swage and produce many shapes.

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Description: Another Dynaswage Model B-150